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Stu Kagan

Stu and AleighStu and his Sheltie Aleigh migrated to agility because of Aleigh’s apparent drive and enthusiasm. They started in mid 2009 at Jump’n Java Agility and quickly progressed to a level of competence for competition. They currently are competing at the Master’s level in AKC and occasionally attend USDAA events. Stu became interested in helping other handlers learn about agility and assisting with perfecting their techniques, and started teaching in June of 2012. He is involved in a number of entrepreneurial activities and currently runs the web-based Agility Pro Shop, supplying agility equipment, educational materials, dog gear and handler apparel, in conjunction with Jump’n Java. It’s often said that one dog is not enough, so Stu has started training Hollie, his 10-month-old Sheltie puppy that arrived on Christmas day and is a carbon copy of her Mom, Aleigh.