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Jump’n Java Reopening


While Jump’n Java Agility was mandated on March 16 to shut down for over 7 weeks–all while being obligated to pay rent and overhead in full–we received the very good news that we could reopen due to our classification as an Outdoor Business on May 4. Since reopening on a limited basis, we found that pursuing our passion of training dogs in the sport of agility, being outside in the fresh air, and once again connecting with people (while a very small and well monitored group) is so very good for our mental health. The same applies to our physical health, and of course the mental and physical wellbeing of our dogs.  What I know:  dog agility training is good for the heart and soul.


Since it is of course of utmost importance that we reopen in a responsible manner that ensures the health and safety of all, we instituted many changes to our training facility and put procedures in place to ensure that all students and instructors have an environment in which to train that reduces risk of coronavirus transmission. 

Our reopening is being done in phases, with initial training options as follows:  


May 4 ~ May 31

(1) Private Field Practice Rentals  (45 minutes in duration, generally entire facility available to individual renter)

(2) Private Lessons

(3) Semi-Private Lessons (2~3 students on a drop-in basis).  


June 1 ~ TBD

(1) Expanded Field Practice Rentals (one hour in duration, choice of grass and/or synthetic turf fields, increased hours of operation, including evenings until dark).

(2) Private Lessons 

(3) Semi-Private Lessons (2~3 students on a drop-in basis).

(4) Small Group Classes (3~4 students meeting once per week for 6-week sessions). 


TBD, further reopening approximating operations prior to COVID, but with health protocols in place.


If you would like more information on the above offerings, please contact Anne Kajava and Stu Kagan as follows:

•Agility Field Practice:  Text Anne Kajava at 650-305-1110.  Details on field rental availability, cost and making reservations will be sent.  

•Private/Semi-Private Lessons & Small Group Classes:  Email Anne Kajava & Stu Kagan at:  JumpnJavaAgility@gmail.com & Info@JumpnJavaAgility.com  Details on our training offerings will be provided.  

Please note the COVID-19 Risk Reduction Protocol outlined below.  Everyone training at Jump’n Java must be in agreement and in compliance in order to train at our facility, no exceptions.  We’ve got good vibes and positive reinforcement for all, but positive is not permissive, and this is a must. 

Let us stay strong.  Let us stay healthy.  Together we can make a difference.  

Anne Kajava




We will reopen on a limited basis with private field rental and private and semi-private lessons being offered for the month of May. Small Group lessons will be offered from June (limited to 3-4 people). Our reopening is in stages and is subject to change per the easing or tightening of Government COVID-19 mandates.


Stage 1 – Month of May

a.  Only 1~2 students will be allowed at a time for private field rental.

b.  Only 2-3 students will be allowed in each semi-private lesson.

c.  No one else may accompany you on the training premises (friends, family members etc) unless given express permission by Java.

Stage 2 – Months of June & July

a.  Only 1~3 students will be allowed at a time for private field rental on each field (grass & turf). Separate entrances, parking and crating will be arranged for each field to promote physical distancing.

b.  Only 2-3 students will be allowed in each semi-private lesson.

c.  No one else may accompany you on the training premises (friends, family members etc) unless given express permission by Java.


a. If you or anyone in your family has been sick, especially if you have exhibited a fever, coughing, muscle aches, or any other potential COVID-19 symptoms in the last 3 days, you are not allowed at the training facility.

b.  No matter how mild your symptoms, if you don’t feel well, stay home! If anyone exhibits such symptoms, they will be asked to leave immediately and the entire lesson will be canceled at that student’s expense.

c.  Students may only visit the facility when they meet the following criteria:

–  At least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and,

– At least 14 days have passed since symptoms first appeared


Physical distancing measures will be instituted as follows:

a.  Park with at least 6 ft. between your car doors and any others.

b.  Get out of your vehicle no earlier than 10 minutes before your private training session and depart no more than 10 minutes afterwards.

c.  Training sessions will be staggered as a rule with 15 minutes in between each session.

d.  Keep the standard 6 ft + distance between yourself and others.

e.  Dogs must be crated at a  6 ft. + distance from each other.  


The following good practices will be followed:

a.  Before entering the training area each student must wash their hands at the provided hand washing station.  Hands should be washed regularly throughout the duration of the training session.  Hand sanitizing stations will be put in place, including a large station with three disinfectant nozzles on the grass field.  

b.  “Pack it In; Pack it Out” Policy

To minimize touching of shared surfaces, students are to provide their own crates, bowls, water and chairs.  None will be provided.  Students are welcome to crate from their vehicles and may store crates for their own use in the greenhouse.  

c.  Only you should handle your dog’s treats and toys.

d.  Touching agility equipment should be kept to a minimum.  Before and after touching equipment, in particular jump bars, hands must be sanitized.  

e.  Shared surfaces will be disinfected frequently.

f.  Disinfectant and related supplies will be provided to instructors.


Please note:

a.  Per San Mateo County Ordinance, a face mask is required to be worn at all times unless one is exercising (in this instance, running your dog on course).

b.  Touching jump bars and other should be kept to a minimum. Barriers to protect hands from directly touching bars will be provided (tissues, paper towels etc.) along with the aforementioned hand sanitizer stations.  Students may also provide their own; gloves are encouraged.


To reduce the risk of transmission, all payments for training sessions will be made via PayPal (paypal.me/JumpnJavaAgility) or cash (to be placed in a previously prepared envelope labeled with student’s name).