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Higher Level Classes

Training Philosophy

At Jump’n Java we focus on rewards based training, where we emphasize:

  • Rewarding Desirable Behaviors
  • Preventing Undesirable Behaviors
  • Being Consistent

We utilize the Derrett system of handling, developed by Greg Derrett of the United Kingdom and his wife Laura Manchester-Derrett, a California native. Their system of handling is a cornerstone of most agility handling systems and used widely and with great success throughout the world. For details, see Ultimate Agility.


Classes are offered at a variety of different levels, including AKC and USDAA level Novice/Starters, Open/Advanced and Masters level classes. Several Masters classes also have an international focus, presenting course challenges that are very technical and require precision handling.

Classes are offered at Jump’n Java – Sun Studios. Students join classes that meet weekly at a regular time and location. For details, see our Higher Level Class Calendar.

Skill-Building Workshops and Events

Jump’n Java hosts skill-building workshops that focus on core handling fundamentals and training techniques, both with in-house instruction from Jump’n Java staff and with guest presenters. A sampling of topics include: Timing and Footwork, Course Decision Making, Double Box Work, Gamblers, Snooker, Proofing Contacts, Independent Jumping, Independent Weave Poles etc. We also host Fun Matches, which are just that, FUN, and offer agility aficionados the opportunity to train in an environment which simulates competition, but allows for both toy and food rewards. Check out our Events Calendar for details.