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Anne Kajava

Anne & Manja, Team USA, WAO, Spain, 2013Anne & Manja, Team USA, WAO, Spain, 2013

Anne’s background as a dog trainer is unique, as she has a Master’s Degree in International Policy Studies and lived, studied, and worked in Japan for over 10 years. A Minnesota native, she returned from Japan and transplanted herself to the warmer and sunnier climate of Northern California. She worked in international marketing and business development in the high-tech industry for years, but left a lucrative career in 2002 to pursue her passion of working with dogs. Anne instructed at Power Paws Agility, renowned as one of the premier agility training centers in the US and abroad for several years while at the same time launching her own business. Jump’n Java Agility has now been training dogs and their people for over 12 years, and is going strong, with over 150 students that train year-round at their agility training facility — Jump’n Java – Sun Studios.

Anne trained and competed successfully with several dogs, all considered her family (see details below).  “Olaf”, a rescue from the Humane Society and her first dog ever, was the first Bearded Collie in the United States to earn an ADCH (Agility Dog Championship via the United States Dog Agility Association-USDAA). Olaf went on to earn the coveted USDAA Lifetime Achievement Award, and retired in the top ten of his breed in AKC Agility rankings in 2005.  Anne and her Sheltie Manja had the honor of representing the USA at the World Agility Open Championships twice, running on Team USA in 2012 at the World Championships in Belgium and on Team USA in 2013 in Spain.  This brought together Anne’s love of travel and appreciation of other cultures and languages and her passion of dogs and the sport of agility.  What a way to come full circle!

Exciting news! Anne and her Border Collie Motion are headed to The Netherlands for the World Agility Open Championships in May. They were chosen as members of the 2015 Wildcard entries; this places them in an esteemed group of agility competitors from throughout the world. They intend to give it their all and embrace the connection that they share both on and off the course.

Motor Gardening

Anne’s teaching style incorporates:

  • A rewards-based dog training program that is positive (yet not permissive); focused on reinforcement, setting consequences, shaping behaviors, working in increments so as to shape success.
  • Following a clearly defined and consistent system of agility handling (Derrett).
  • Ensuring that high rates of reinforcement are given to both dogs and people; establishing a learning environment that is both upbeat and positive and gets results (they don’t need to be mutually exclusive).
  • Tailoring these positive and consistent training methods to meet the individual needs, strengths and limitations, of each dog-handler team.


 Highlights from Agility Championships:

  • Wildcard, World Agility Open Championships (WAO) 2015, The Netherlands; Top 10 Biathlon; Motion-Border Collie
  • US Open 2014 Championship; Gold Medalist; Motion-Border Collie
  • USDAA Cynosport 2014 Speed Jumping Championship; Manja-Sheltie
  • USDAA Cynosport 2014 Biathon Finalist; Manja-Sheltie
  • USDAA Cynosport 2014 Biathon Finalist; Motion-Border Collie
  • USDAA Cynosport 2014 Grand Prix Finalist; Motion-Border Collie
  • Member of Team USA, World Agility Open Championships (WAO) 2013, Spain; Individually placed in the Top 10; Manja- Sheltie; Gold Medal, Team USA
  • Member of Team USA, World Agility Open Championships (WAO) 2012, Belgium; Individual Bronze Medalist; Manja- Sheltie; Silver Medal, Team USA
  • USDAA National Championships 2012 Steeplechase Finalist; Manja-Sheltie
  • AKC National Championships 2012 Finalist; Manja- Sheltie
  • Did not attend in any Championships 2011 and 2010
  • USDAA National Championships 2009 Grand Prix Finalist; Motion-Border Collie
  • USDAA National Championships 2009 Grand Prix Finalist; Manja-Sheltie
  • USDAA National Championships 2008 Steeplechase Finalist; Skye-Sheltie
  • USDAA National Championships 2008 Team Finalist; Skye-Sheltie
  • USDAA National Championships 2007 Grand Prix Finalist; Skye-Sheltie
  • USDAA National Championships 2007 Steeplechase Finalist; Manja-Sheltie
  • USDAA National Championships 2001-2008 Grand Prix Semi-Finalist with multiple dogs, Olaf-Bearded Collie, Mercury-Border Collie, Skye-Sheltie, Manja-Sheltie
  • USDAA National Championships 2000 Grand Prix Finalist; Olaf-Bearded Collie


Anne and Motion - ADCH

Major Championship Titles Earned:

  • Motion – MACH 2011, ADCH 2010 ~ ”Jump’n Java’s Poetry in Motion”
  • Manja – MACH 2009, ADCH 2008 ~ ”Jump’n Java’s Voracious One”
  • Skye – MACH 2 2006 & 2008 ~ “Hidden Creek Indigo Syke”
  • Mercury – MAD 2005 ~ “Jump’n Java’s Quick Silver”
  • Olaf – ADCH 1999 ~ “The Blonde Bomber”
  • Motor – _________ ~ “Jump’n Java’s Get Your Motor Runnin’”
    • at just 11 months of age from Disyre Papillons, it’s too early for this young gun to have agility titles after his name, but be assured that we’ll get this Motor runnin’, head out on the highway, and fill in the blanks with lots of fun, adventure, and accomplishments…


Videos of Anne and Her Dogs:




Anne and Dogs in Forest