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UKI Trials


Sponsored by 4 Legged Flix, join us for an awesome regional event with an international flare!!

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 UKI West Coast CUP Results

Expect fun and challenging courses galore!! Designed by Judge Judy Reilly of New York, the following Tournament Events will be offered:  
  • Agility Biathlon (Two Rounds; Standard Agility & Jumping)
  • Games Challenge (Two Rounds; Snooker & Gamblers)
  • Speedstakes Challenge (Two Rounds; courses built for speed)
  • Masters Series Heat (Two Rounds; Standard Agility & Jumping)
Noteworthy notes….
  • Tournament Events are open to all teams and feature  Masters level courses. 
  • Regular Titling Classes (Standard Agility & Jumping; Beginner/Novice – Sr/Championship) will also be offered.
  • Transfer into UKI at the level you compete at in other organizations (e.g. if you’re in Masters in USDAA or AKC, you can go straight to that level in UKI.) 
  • A practice ring will also be open with a portion of proceeds going to support Team USA at the World Agility Open (WAO) .  In this way, you can get in lots of training in a competitive environment, and help support a great group of people and dogs.
Please direct any inquiries you might have to Anne Kajava and/or Ivette White of Jump’n Java Agility.