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Expresso Agility

After completing two lntro to Agility classes, students join our “Expresso” Agility Program. They jump into the fast lane and get juiced, running dogs through short agility obstacle courses which change weekly. Dog/Handler Teams rotate through three or four training stations similar to circuit training. Dogs get up and on the agility equipment in a safe and fun manner and students are able to work at their own pace cycling through the different agility obstacle courses.

Key agility handling instruction is provided-building upon skills presented in the lntro to Agility sessions–as are training tips on improving the dog’s focus and increasing their motivation. Students drop-in on our Expresso classes as their schedules allow, purchasing Expresso Shot Packages; lots of flexibility, lots of action!

Students who want to partake in agility on a recreational basis–“just for fun”–can continue on indefinitely in our Expresso Agility Program. As they gain more experience, the agility sequences that are set will be tailored to them to present more challenges. They may also advance to our other classes if they get hooked on agility (and most do!!).

Students that want to see where training with more precise instruction and on a regular basis will take them, are welcome to join our Beginners or Advanced Beginners training program for more formal instruction after taking two or more Expresso Agility classes. These classes meet once a week at the same time and location and training is ongoing. Most students in these classes set competing in agility as a goal, but it is not a requirement. We just ask that students put in the time to train and progress with the level of the class. These classes start periodically and a waitlist is formed from students participating in the Expresso Program.

Cost: Expresso Shot Packages*

Double Shot: $70
lncludes two classes; $35 per class; to be used within one month of first Expresso class taken.

Quad Shot: $128
lncludes four classes; $32 per class; to be used within two months of first Expresso class taken.

“Sexy” Shot: $168
lncludes six classes; $28 per class; to be used within three months of first Expresso class

*Students enrolled in our Expresso Agility Program who merge into our Beginning our Advanced Beginning Agility classes will be credited monies paid towards new classes.

Class Times/Location:  Our Expresso Agility class runs for 1 hour and 15 ~ 30 minutes.  It is often offered on Saturday mornings at our Sun Studios location.   Class size is kept small; typically 3 – 6 dogs (6 max).

Registration:  Please send us an email using our Contact Us page.


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